How can I connect to a channel manager?

Updated 3 months ago

Note: If the following option isn't available to you, contact us via the "Inbox" tab.

Connecting to a channel manager (or connectivity provider) is a 2 stage process: first, you must create an agreement with a provider of your choice, and then you must create a connection between your provider and

Choosing a channel manager (connectivity provider)

  1. To connect to a channel manager, click the "Account" icon in the top right-hand corner of your extranet and choose “Connectivity provider" from the drop-down menu.

  2. Then, click on “Search” to start looking for a new channel manager.

Note: If you are currently connected to a channel manager, you can click on “Switch to a new channel manager” (or on certain views-modes, “Switch to a new connectivity provider”) to change your preferred provider.

  1. Once there, you can choose from a group of preferred and recommended providers. Click "More Details" to learn more about the features offers and the features our connectivity providers support.

  2. The last step is to choose a provider that best suits your needs, and come to an agreement with them. 

After completing these steps, you can proceed with connecting your channel manager to

Connecting your provider and adjusting your settings

  1. Select features to integrate with your channel manager:

  • Rates and Availability: Manage the rates and availability for your property through your provider.

  • Reservations: Manage your existing and future reservations through your provider.

  • Content and photos: Manage property and room photos, amenities, policies, contact details, as well as room types and sizes. This connection is only available from select providers.   

  1. Accept the XML Service Agreement:

  • Read the conditions.

  • Tick the box stating "I have read, accepted and agree to the Terms and conditions."

  • Click "Accept."  

  1. Provider confirmation:

  • When you accept the agreement, the provider receives an email with your details and connection request.

  • Here, you can choose to automatically connect to the provider or connect manually when the provider confirms all settings are complete on their side. By default, the option to connect automatically to the provider is selected.  If you want to connect manually, simply select that option and click “Save”.

  • The provider can now perform mapping and configuration activities.   

  1. Confirm:

  • After the provider confirms the setting, you’ll receive a new notification on your "Inbox" tab. If you chose to connect automatically, your connection with the provider becomes live, and the status changes to “Active”. 

  • If you chose to connect manually, you will need to approve the connection via the email link provided or via the “Connectivity provider” section of the Extranet.

  • Please don’t forget to work with your new provider to refresh your rates and availability with  

That’s it! These are the steps required to connect to a channel manager (connectivity provider) on

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