Which channel manager should I use?

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We want to make sure that all our partners have a smooth experience when they work with Booking.com. 

We also understand that many of our partners use a channel manager to stay on top of their listings, so we invest a lot of time and effort into making the most useful Booking.com features available on as many channel managers as possible.  

Which Booking.com features can I access via a channel manager?

It’s up to the individual channel manager which Booking.com features they integrate into their platform. As a result, different channel managers will have a different selection of features, so it’s important to pay attention to which ones are available – and make a decision based on your own business needs.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the features that we make available to our channel manager partners, beyond the standard functions of managing your availability and getting bookings.

If your channel manager offers them, you’ll be able to use the following features directly via their platform, without the need to log into the Booking.com extranet:

  • Promotions set up: Set up Basic Deals, Early Booker and Last Minute Deals, as well as promotions for Business Bookers and country-specific rates.

  • Reporting: Report invalid credit cards, changes to check-out dates, changes to prices and cancellations due to guest no-shows or invalid credit cards.

  • Guest reviews: Read the reviews left by your guests.

  • Opportunities: Get tailored performance advice based on your property’s improvement areas.

  • Content, rates and room management: Manage all your content, including your property page content, rates and room settings.  

Which Booking.com features are available for vacation rental partners?

We’ve developed several features with vacation rental properties in mind – and we’ll keep releasing more over the next few months. If you run several properties, keep an eye out for these features:

  • Your profile: Add information about each property and the surroundings, as well as a welcome note from/about the owners.

  • Key collection: Ensure smooth check-in by adding instructions about how, where and when to pick up keys to the property.

  • Reporting guest misconduct: Prevent guests who don't follow house rules from booking your properties in future.

  • Damage deposit: Give yourself peace of mind by sharing your damage deposit policy, and avoid confusion by including details like collection time and payment method.  

What else should I bear in mind when choosing a channel manager?

When it comes to choosing a channel manager, there are different solutions for different types of business. To help you select the right one for you, we’ve created a grading system that reflects each channel manager’s performance. We call it the Connectivity Partner Programme.

Whenever you see a channel manager with the word ‘Premier’ next to it, you’ll know it’s recommended by us. To become a Premier channel manager – and for us to recommend them to you – providers need to have a certain number of properties in their portfolio, so you can trust that the recommendation is based on a broad range of experience. They also need to offer a certain number of our features on their platform, meaning a fuller range of options for you. 

Alongside these factors, we rate the quality of their connection, so when you see a Premier channel manager, you can be sure that you’ll get a reliable, bug-free experience.

To help you easily identify which channel managers suit your business, we also recommend channel managers specifically for vacation rental partners. Just look out for a badge that says ‘Recommended for vacation rental professionals’.

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