Which channel managers are ‘Premier’ and recommended to work with?

Updated 1 month ago

We use the Connectivity Partner Programme to identify the top-performing connectivity technology providers for Booking.com, based on the quality of their connection, available features in their interfaces, and more.

These providers are marked as “Premier” on Booking.com and have the below badge:

Premier Connectivity Provider badge, Booking.com, 2020

What does it mean if the provider I work with is not on the ‘Premier’ list of Booking.com recommended providers?

If you’re working with a provider who’s not visible in this list, you should not worry as we also support connections with other providers - and aim to help them reach a Premier status as well (for example, by implementing new features, services and products in their interfaces).

Note: To see a list of all the channel managers Booking.com works with, simply follow the same steps as you would in order to connect to a channel manager on your extranet. There you will also see the features available and implemented by each provider.

Learn more about the Connectivity Partner Programme

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