Getting ready for high season

We learned a lot from last year’s peak season, and we’re here to help you prepare for your next busy period with tips on useful tools, advice from fellow partners and insights from our own experts.

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Learn from fellow partners

The Partner Forum (currently available in English) is a place where partners can connect with one another, ask questions, and exchange tips and advice. Here’s how some of your fellow partners prepare for high season:

“We revisit our rates and look back on the previous system and re-evaluate our rates for next year. Especially useful is the comparison software provided by to compare our rates to competitors - we made changes during the year based on this. You really want to launch with correct rates so advance bookings are accurate as possible and you are not undercutting yourself!” Akwador, Akwador Guest House, Malta

"We start promoting our peak weeks really early in the year already to ensure the resorts are nice and full. The more people at the property, the more activities we can arrange! I'm talking game nights, live music at the pool area, bonfire nights. Our guests loves seeing a resort that is buzzing with many holiday-goers and entertainment hosts." Leandri Klopper, TradeUniPoint self-catering accommodations, South Africa

"Try to find suggestions for ways to improve your offering, whether it's a welcome gift, smart new toiletries, or something else. Guests love feeling that you care, and that you've made an effort, and it's these things that they'll tell other people about. Write to all of your old guests and tell them about what you're improving, and invite them to come again etc. Even if they don't book, they'll be reminded of your property and may mention it to others." Jonathan, Villa Stari Mlin holiday home, Montenegro

"When peak season is just around the corner, it’s exciting – you’re looking forward to welcoming guests and having full occupancy. However, you may also be worried about managing the increased workload that awaits you. Here’s what you can do to make sure you’re 100% prepared for peak season at your bed and breakfast. 1. Review your length of stay restrictions 2. Review your rates & packages 3. Don't overbook. 4. Anticipate your staffing needs. 5. Connect with your former guests. 6. Anticipate big or small events in your location. 7. Scroll down reviews & feedbacks and make mends." Pritesh, Optmize Vacations, India

“We start promoting our peak weeks really early in the year to ensure we’re nice and full.” Leandri Klopper, partner

High season: our top tip

Be available, be visible. Offer as many rooms, units or properties as you can on a wide range of dates, and avoid restrictions wherever possible so you appear in search results and attract more guests.

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Learn from our experts

To help you succeed in high season, we’ve gathered some advice from our teams.

Offer a variety of rates: a mix of non-refundable, free cancellation, early-booker and breakfast rate types will help you attract different kinds of guests with varying needs. For example, guests travelling from far away, or those simply looking to save money, will often book ahead of time and forfeit the option to cancel.

Update your child policies: under the regular policy section, we’ve added a feature that lets you include the price of any child fees in the overall price shown to guests searching on – meaning guests travelling with kids will see the correct overall rate right away when booking.

Note: This feature may not be available for your property yet and/or for all rate combinations. However, you can still add your child fee in the extranet so we already have the necessary information once we’re ready to set the feature live on our website.

Update your room types: high season sees more families and groups travelling, so it’s important your room selection appeals to these travellers. Make sure you’ve added family rooms or interconnecting rooms (if you have them).

Stay in touch with guests: sending a ‘thank you’ message or offering local tips, directions and services can reassure guests and reduce cancellations. You can set up time-saving templates in the extranet or on the Pulse app – and based on your feedback, we’ve added more scheduling options to help you share important information with guests at exactly the right time.

Turn on auto-replenishment: this feature helps you to quickly fill your rooms again if you receive cancellations.

Learn (and earn) with our tools

In your extranet, you’ll find tools to help you attract guests, save time and analyse your performance.

Special promotions: these deals can attract those early bookers already looking for a lower price for their summer holiday – and secure revenue for you in advance. You can create and edit deals under the ‘Promotions’ tab in the extranet or, even quicker, on the Pulse app.

The extranet ‘Analytics’ tab: this feature lets you compare your property’s past and current performance so you can make changes and boost your high season bookings.

The Visibility Dashboard: this tool analyses your property’s performance in our search results, showing you how many visitors make a booking after viewing your property page and suggesting which actions to take to increase your visibility.

Bulk editing tool: this tool saves you time ahead of high season by letting you adjust prices and availability for set periods, all in one go. We even have a handy step-by-step visual guide for updating your availability.

Pulse: this handy app helps you manage your property on the go. You can track bookings, cancellations and guest messages from your mobile device.

Don’t get stuck behind your computer all summer. You can manage reservations and communicate with guests from your phone instead.

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