All you need to know about Booking Network Sponsored Ads

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Booking Network Sponsored Ads is a paid advertising opportunity that allows you to boost your visibility on the platform as well as Priceline and Agoda in a flexible, targeted and customised way. Besides promoting your property, sponsored ads allow you to strategically utilise your budget to get closer to potential bookers searching for stays in your destination.

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How Booking Network Sponsored Ads works

Because most potential guests click on properties on the first page of the search results, we've reserved top placements on our website for Booking Network Sponsored Ads – for example, position two on and Agoda and positions one and five on Priceline. In the Americas position four is available on

Cost-per-click (CPC) bids can be placed via the Booking Network Sponsored Ads portal and start from $0.50. Placements are given to the highest and most relevant bidders. Relevant criteria are based on factors such as the property’s location and classification. 

Partners can customise their audience reach through extensive targeting possibilities. If you win a sponsored ad auction, your listing will be visible to potential bookers across our networks, including Priceline and Agoda. Your property will appear as an organic listing in search results with the addition of a sponsored 'Ad' marker. You’ll only pay each time a traveller clicks on your ad. Our reporting capabilities allow you to keep track of this and more.

If your property is already ranked organically in the first or second position, we won’t show your ad, nor would you have to pay in this instance.

Who can use Booking Network Sponsored Ads

Property partners in the USA, Canada, Latin America and most countries in EMEA can sign up for Booking Network Sponsored Ads. In the future, we aim to make it available to our property partners all over the world.

Getting started with Booking Network Sponsored Ads

You can sign up for Booking Network Sponsored Ads on this page. Here you can start a campaign on our sponsored ads platform. We designed it specifically for our property partners to easily set up campaigns, manage performance and evaluate results.

The benefits of Booking Network Sponsored Ads

With Booking Network Sponsored Ads you can reach travellers across the platform, as well as Priceline and Agoda. This reduces operational work for you (using one platform for all campaigns) and leverages the power of each brand and its global audience. More placements mean more opportunities for you to win a premium spot. 

Sponsored ads also allow you to attract the right type of travellers at the right time by targeting them when they’re ready to book. Your property’s sponsored ads will only be visible when it’s open and available to book.

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