How can I deduct available credits from an open invoice? [Brazil only]

Updated 4 months ago
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You don’t need to take any action. We automatically deduct available credits (credit notes, refunds on double payments, etc.) from the latest commission invoice, or ‘boleto’, we’ve issued.

Invoices are always issued on the third working day of each month, but credits are only made available after the tenth day of each month. That way, all credits will be deducted from your commission invoice in advance, and you simply pay the net remainder amount on the due date.

If your available credit is greater than the invoice amount, our system will automatically clear the invoice, and any remaining credits will be kept for future use.

You can find all your open invoices and available credits under your extranet ‘Finance’ tab.

Note: If you have more than one open invoice, your credits will only be deducted from the most recently issued invoice. This deduction is automatic, so you can use the original invoice in your extranet to make the payment, without having to update it.


Is your credit deduction not showing up when you pay your invoice?

You can send us a message via your extranet ‘Inbox’ tab, and we’ll follow up on the issue.

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