Deducting credits from an open invoice in Brazil

Updated 4 months ago | 2.5 min read time

We automatically deduct your available credits, such as credit notes or refunds on double payments, from the latest commission invoice – or boleto – we issue. However, your initial invoice will always reflect the original amount. This is because invoices are always issued on the third working day of each month, and credits are only made available after the tenth day of each month.

You'll receive the updated invoice with the deduced credit before its due date. It will also be available in the extranet with a new bar code so you can complete the payment. You only need to pay the remaining amount that's due on the invoices you receive.

If your available credit is more than the invoice amount, our system will automatically clear the invoice. It will also save any remaining credits for future use.  

We show your invoices with available credit alongside your list of regular invoices in the extranet. Here’s how to see them:

  1. Log in to the extranet.
  2. Click on Finance and then click on Invoices or Documents and invoices, depending on what you see.
  3. You can identify credit notes next to Invoice type in the Description column on the Invoices page, or in the Document name column on the Documents and invoices page. To download a credit note, click on Download PDF in the Invoice column of the Invoices page or click on PDF in the Actions column on the Documents and invoices page. 

If you have more than one open invoice, we'll deduct your credits from the one we issued most recently. This happens automatically, so you can pay the original invoice as per usual, and you’ll see the credits deducted when you pay. If your credits aren’t deducted, please send us a message from your extranet Inbox.

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