Paying your invoices

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We email our commission invoices to all partners in the first week of every month. You can also find your current and past invoices in the extranet by clicking Finance and then Invoices. Documents marked green are paid, while pending or unpaid items are marked red. Documents that have been written off or sent to our legal department are marked black.

What’s in this article

  1. Paying your invoices
  2. Checking or updating your current payment method
  3. Corrections to your invoice
  4. Handling invoices marked black

Paying your invoices

Commission invoices are emailed to you during the first week of every month. Payment is always due within 14 days of the invoice date. You’ll find payment instructions on the invoice itself, including’s bank details. There are various payment methods available globally. The most common are bank transfer and direct debit. 

If you’re making your payment manually via bank transfer, don’t forget to include your property ID and invoice number as the payment reference. These are necessary for us to identify your payment and process it correctly.

If you have a direct debit set up on your account, we’ll deduct the payment automatically every month. Invoices that have been paid will appear green on the day we send the payment request to your bank. If the direct debit fails, the invoice will appear red again. You’ll then need to contact your bank to see why the payment failed and make sure to pay it as soon as possible. For more information on direct debit, read this article.

It can take two to three working days for received payments to be reflected in your extranet, so an invoice may stay marked as red for a few days after you’ve paid it. You don’t need to send us proof of payment unless our Finance team asks for it.

Checking or updating your current payment method

To check your current payment method and bank details, log in to the extranet, click Finance and select Bank details. You’ll be able to see the details of the bank account into which you receive payouts and, if you pay by direct debit, the bank account from which you make payments.

If you make your payments via direct debit, you can update your current payment method or bank details by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Finance and select either Bank details or Financial overview
  3. Click Edit bank details on the Bank details page, or Click here to update your bank details on the Financial overview page

If you have any questions about your payment method, you can send us a message via your extranet Inbox. Select the topic Finance (invoices and payments) and the subtopic Invoices and commission. A member of our Credit Control team will get back to you with information on the payment methods available in your country, such as direct debit, online payments or local payment providers.

Corrections to your invoice

If for some reason an invoice states the wrong amount, we won’t send a new invoice. The original invoice will remain valid, and we’ll issue a separate document with the amount to be deducted or added to the original invoice. This will either be a credit note or a debit note. Please keep in mind that credit notes can’t be refunded to your bank account – you can use them to pay future invoices.

Handling invoices marked black

If an invoice is marked black, it means that you haven’t paid it and as a result your property has been closed on our platform. Once we receive a full payment for all outstanding invoices and those invoices are marked green, you’ll be able to reopen your property listing. Read this article to find out how.

To see all your invoices, log in to the extranet and click Finance and then Invoices. Those marked red or black have not been paid. Once an invoice has been marked black, it can only be paid via bank transfer.

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