Reopening your property after paying a late invoice

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If your property has been automatically closed due to an unpaid invoice, you can only reopen it by paying the full outstanding balance. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to reopen your property via the extranet.

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Paying your outstanding invoices

There are several ways to pay your invoices: direct debit, bank transfer or online payment through a provider. Make sure to always include your property ID and invoice number as the payment reference information, as we need these to identify your payment and process it correctly. Keep in mind that it can take up to seven business days for us to record your payment, depending on how quickly your bank processes transactions.

Learn more here about when to submit a Proof of Payment.


You can find payment instructions on the invoice itself or in the extranet under Finance, and then Financial overview

Invoices marked Written off still have an open balance. Although these invoices don’t appear on the Outstanding balances page, they still need to be paid off via bank transfer.

In case your property invoice has a pending dispute, please make sure to pay the outstanding balance before the due date to avoid business interruption. If the dispute is accepted, you’ll receive a credit note for the next issued invoice. You can read more about credit notes and how to use them. 

Reopening your property

Once we receive your payment and the invoice has been cleared from your account you’ll receive a message in your extranet inbox letting you know that your property can be reopened. You’ll also see an Open your property button on the homepage of the extranet, which you can click to quickly reopen your property. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive a message indicating that your property is now open for receiving new bookings. 

If your payment processing takes longer than the usual bank processing time in your country, please raise a ticket in the extranet inbox - Topic: ‘Invoices and Commission’ with the subtopic ‘Re-open my property’. Possibly the payment reference was not provided and your payment could not be allocated. 

For partners who are under legal proceedings with for non-payment, it might take extra time to review their reopening conditions. Additional info is usually provided in the communications sent from regarding the procedure. 

Please be advised that some partners may need to move to direct debit payment in order to reopen their property. In accordance with our General Delivery Terms (GDT), we reserve the right to request a valid direct debit mandate before enabling the reopening of the property. This is to limit the chance of having a late payment. 

My property was closed for an unknown reason

If your property was closed for non-payment reasons we’ll notify you via your extranet inbox. If your property was closed with no information please contact Customer Service for support. 

Avoiding suspension

To make sure your property is able to receive new bookings, you must pay commission invoices within 14 days after they’re generated.

If there are important reasons for delaying your payment, please clarify your situation before the expiry of the invoice due date by reaching out to our support team. To do so,  follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Inbox and choose messages
  3. Click on See contact options
  4. Click on Invoices and commission and select Other

We’ll always send a suspension notification to your extranet inbox if your property is risking closure. 

If you make the payment on the last day before suspension, your property might still be closed for bookings due to the payment processing time. Please take into consideration the time it takes to receive your payment and make it in a timely fashion.

You can read more about accessing the extranet, if you’re experiencing any problems.

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