Updating your tax, VAT and charges settings

Updated 1 month ago | 1 min read time

You can’t change your tax, VAT or charges settings yourself on our platform. Here’s how to contact us so we can do it for you.


Contacting us to change your tax, VAT and charges settings

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on the Inbox tab, then go to Booking.com messages
  3. Click on See contact options 
  4. Select Property details as the support topic 
  5. Choose VAT or City tax / extra charges as the subtopic
  6. Click on See all contact options
  7. Click on Message
  8. Inform us that you want to change your tax or VAT settings and include any information you might find relevant
  9. Click on Send message

You can review your current settings in the extranet by clicking on the Property tab and selecting VAT/tax/charges.


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