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VAT legislation in Tajikistan

Updated 5 months ago | 3 min read time

Due to new legislation, we’re now required to charge 18% VAT on top of our commission to some of our partners in Tajikistan. You can find more information about the legislation here.

To identify which partners we have to charge VAT, we need to confirm whether the partner qualifies as a legal entity, an individual entrepreneur or a private individual. Partners who are private individuals will be charged VAT, whereas legal entities and individual entrepreneurs won’t be. If you don’t provide us with your VAT information by 30 August, we’ll have to start charging you VAT.

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Providing us with your tax information

Please provide us with your tax ID number (raqami yagonia andozsuporanda), your valid business ID or state registration number (rakami yagonai mushakhkhas) and an up-to-date extract from the state register (iktibos). Here’s how to provide us with this information:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Finance and then click on VAT Details
  3. Update your VAT information in the required fields

If we need to charge you VAT, we’ll start doing this on your September 2021 invoice. For more information on tax legislation, please contact the local tax authorities or your tax advisor.


What should I do if I’ve confirmed I’m a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur and provided all the required information, but I’ve still received an invoice with VAT?

First check whether you’ve provided all the information we require. If that is the case, you can ask us to credit the incorrect invoice and issue a correct invoice without VAT.

Is now paying tax in Tajikistan?

Following the recent amendments to the tax code of Tajikistan, from September 2021 we’ll charge VAT for the invoices we issue to partners who aren’t legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. We’ll pay this VAT to the Tajikistan government in full. Our VAT registration in Tajikistan is separate from the fact that is a Dutch company and that we therefore pay other taxes in the Netherlands.

What is the business ID or state registration number?

Every business in Tajikistan has its own business ID or state registration number. It is a 10 digit number always shown on the certificate of state registration (shahodatnoma) and in the extract from the state register (iktibos). You can also check your number here.

What is’s VAT registration number in Tajikistan?

Our tax ID number in Tajikistan is 990000112. You’ll also be able to find this on your invoices from September 2021.

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