Payments and invoicing for multi-property partners

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If you have multiple properties registered on our platform and have a group contract with us, you can view a consolidated statement for all properties in your group account and pay your invoices in bulk.

Please note that the bulk payment option is not available for groups in Brazil.

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Viewing multiple invoices

If you manage multiple properties, you can view your past and current invoices in the extranet by clicking on Finance, or Finance then selecting Invoices while signed in to your group account

On this tab you can select the month you wish to view the invoice for and download the invoice in PDF or Excel. The status of the invoice and the total balance can be viewed here as well.

From the Finance tab, you can:

  • See the total amount due across all of your properties
  • Check, download and print invoices for all of your properties
  • Download a breakdown of all of your invoices in one spreadsheet
  • Download a full reservation statement of all bookings across all of your properties in one spreadsheet

Paying multiple invoices

If you are on the payment method of Payments by - bank transfer, you do not have to pay invoices. The commission will be deducted from the received payment. For more information, please check the following article

For partners on other payments than Payments by - bank transfer, we don’t create one consolidated invoice for multiple-property owners, but you can pay all of your invoices that appear in the Finance tab of your group account at one time via manual bank transfer. You can find the bank details on one of your invoices or under the tab Finance, then selecting Finance settings.

Please include the property ID for at least one of your properties in the payment description of the bank transfer and submit your payment breakdown to the Finance team in your extranet Inbox. This needs to be sent from the Inbox of one of your properties as the group account does not have this ability. 

Please note, the payment breakdown is needed for our team to allocate the correct amount of payment per property. 


You can send this to us by following the next steps in the extranet:

- Go to Inbox and select messages

- Unfold the drop down on Contact us and select Compose new message or click on See contact options

- Select Topic Invoices and commission and subtopic Payment confirmation

Direct debit for groups

Direct debit authorises to automatically collect payments from your bank account when they're due. 

Aside from being the safest and most cost-effective way of paying your invoices, there are several other reasons to use Direct debit. For example, you’ll save on transaction costs, and you’ll never have to worry about making your payments on time because everything is automated. You'll get notifications each time a transaction takes place, and payments are guaranteed with options for refunds if you’ve been debited incorrectly.

If you're based in the Eurozone and use Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Direct Debit, the funds are recoverable by your bank for up to eight weeks. This period extends to 13 months when you have a valid reason.


If you wish to switch your payment method to Direct debit (please be advised that this is not available for all groups/countries), please reach out to us by following these steps:

- Go to Inbox and select messages

- Unfold the drop down on Contact us and select Compose new message or click on See contact options

- Select Topic Invoices and commission and subtopic Other


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