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Payments and invoicing for multi-property partners

Updated 1 month ago | 2 min read time

If you have multiple properties registered on our platform and have a group contract with us, you can view a consolidated statement for all properties in your group account and pay your invoices in bulk. (Note: the bulk payment option is not available for groups in Brazil.)

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Viewing multiple invoices

If you manage multiple properties, you can view your past and current invoices in the extranet by clicking Finance while signed in to your group account. Payments marked in green are paid, while pending or unpaid items are marked in red. 

From the Finance tab, you can:

  • See the total amount due across all of your properties
  • Check, download and print invoices for all of your properties
  • Download a breakdown of all of your invoices in one spreadsheet
  • Download a full reservation statement of all bookings across all of your properties in one spreadsheet

Paying multiple invoices

We don’t create one consolidated invoice for multiple-property owners, but you can pay all of your invoices that appear in the Finance tab of your group account at one time via bank transfer. 

Please include the property ID for at least one of your properties in the payment description of the bank transfer and submit the payment breakdown to the Finance team in your extranet Messages. This will help us process your payment quickly.

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