How can I customise and personalise my host profile on

You can personalise your property page content by writing a customised host or company profile. In your own words, you can share what makes your property and neighbourhood unique, and include a welcome message for your future guests.

Writing a profile helps you stand out to the right guests and set the appropriate expectations. On, 50% of vacation rental properties have a profile – and these partners tend to get more bookings than those without a profile.

Here’s how you can add or edit the information in your profile:

  1. Click on the ‘Property’ tab in the extranet and select ‘Your profile’.
  2. Select your language and fill in the following sections:
  • About the property

Here you can describe what makes your property unique. You can add information about decor, facilities, amenities and your property’s history.

  • ‘About the host’ / ‘About the company’ 

Write a short message about yourself or your company, to help future guests get to know you or your brand.

  • About the neighbourhood’

Include some tips about visiting the area and local attractions.

  1. Upload a host photo or company logo
  • You can upload a photo of yourself, or anyone else who’ll welcome guests. When adding photos, don’t forget to include the name(s) of anyone in the photo. Alternatively, you can add a company logo so guests will recognise your brand and signage.
  1. Click ‘Save’ when you’re done.

Note: Your host or company profile is displayed publicly on your property page, so make sure you don’t include any sensitive information such as website or email addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts. Any references to rates, discounts and policies, including any use of currencies or percentages, will not be saved under the profile.