How do I report issues with guest misconduct?

Updated 3 months ago

It’s rare that partners have major issues with guests, but if something serious happens we’re here to support you.

You can report guest misconduct in your extranet and block the guest in question from booking your property again.

If you have multiple properties listed on and you block a guest due to misconduct at one property, they will be blocked from booking all of your properties. To block a guest due to misconduct, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Reservations’ tab.
  2. Select the guest you want to report by clicking the guest name or reservation number.
  3. Click on ‘Report guest misconduct’ to the right of ‘Reservation details’ section.
  4. Tick one of the misconduct scenarios and leave a brief comment under ‘Details’.
  5. Tick the appropriate box if you want to block the guest from booking your property.
  6. Click ‘Submit report’ when you’re done.

Important: Only use this feature if the guest’s misconduct matches one of the seven scenarios provided in the report tool. If the guest was simply a no-show, follow the ‘Mark as a no show’ procedure. If the guest’s credit card is invalid, follow the ‘Mark Credit Card as Invalid’ procedure.

Guest misconduct can be reported up to 7 days after check-out. Reports cannot be made for current guest reservations for future stays.

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