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Tips on getting your property ready for guests

Updated 4 months ago

Whether you’re renting out a large multi-room property or a small studio apartment, you want to give your guests a great first impression. We’ve made some short videos that share quick-and-easy tips on getting your hotel or apartment ready for guests, and making it the perfect place to stay.

How to revamp your dining area

Your dining area is a spot where guests are likely to gather—not only to enjoy some yummy food and great conversation, but also just to hang out.

To get started, arrange a simple floral bouquet in the middle of your main table. Pull out one of the chairs and ‘jooj it up’ with a small decorative pillow. Put some attractive candles in holders to add a touch of softness, but don’t overdo it!

Make a cute little framed sign that says “Welcome!” or “Bonjour!” or “How you doin'?” that matches the look of your home and makes guests feel right at home. Remember to include your Internet login details!

Add a bottle of local wine (if it’s available) and some wine glasses to complete the look! Guests will feel like they’re stepping into a party that was prepared just for them.

How to light up your living area

Let’s take a look at your living area. Chances are that this is where guests are going to be spending lots of their time, so make sure it’s comfy and inviting. Layer some coloured pillows on your sofa and chairs with a throw for maximum coziness.

Make sure to highlight any unique amenities or special antiques that you have, as well as any local art or photos to add a real sense of place. Just say no to overly-personal family photos, like that framed picture of your Great Aunt Irma’s birthday party!

Casually arrange some large coffee table books to give your living area a pop of colour. Supplement this with some recent, trendy entertainment or lifestyle magazines, as well as some current books on any bookshelves or side tables you have handy—just resist the urge to leave out your dog-eared copy of 50 shades...that’s a little too much comfort!

For your photos to list your home online, set the tone so the customer can really picture themselves working and living in your space. Have a shot with a laptop, a steaming cup of coffee and maybe a French press. This will show potential guests how attractive it would be to check emails—or write the next Harry Potter series—in that perfect nook of your living area.

How to spice up your kitchen

We all love to eat, so creating a sense of convenience and comfort in the space where guests will prepare their food is essential. In your kitchen, make sure to highlight your espresso machine or coffee maker, but don’t put more than 2 appliances on the counters. Clutter is your enemy Prepare a pitcher filled with water and make sure to have some glasses handy.

You can pair this with some fresh fruit, a plate of local cheeses and a loaf of fresh bread on a wooden cutting board. This creates a super homey vibe and it’s easy to pull together in advance.

Also think about having some kitchen essentials on hand for your guests. It may sound obvious but some basics like coffee, tea, salt, pepper, sugar, oil—and a wine opener—really ups the convenience factor of your space. And it guarantees that your guests have everything they need to have a fabulous time right at their fingertips!

How to refresh your bathroom

No matter the size, your bathroom should feel like a spa, so here it’s all about indulgence. Roll clean, plush white guest towels and place them in a basket. Provide a tray or basket of organic toiletries, as well as a small vase of fresh flowers or a cute pot with some succulents. Place some white candles in a clear glass jar for the finishing touch! Go for soothing spa colours as much as possible to give it that clean, refined look — think whites and neutrals for your shower curtain and accessories. Your guests will never want to leave!

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