The Opportunity Centre

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The Opportunity Centre is where you can identify actions to improve your property’s performance and guest experience. Found in the extranet, it's where you can add products, information and deals that can help increase your bookings and revenue.

What’s in this article:

How it works

The Opportunity Centre helps you find opportunities to improve your property's performance and implement them in just a few clicks. It uses Focus Finder to analyse your property’s performance during each stage of a guest's journey – from their initial search on our platform to their stay at your property. It also compares your performance to that of similar properties in your area.

Based on your performance, the Opportunity Centre gives you advice tailored to help your business grow, narrow the gaps between you and your competitors, and keep doing what you're doing well.

Areas you can improve

The Opportunity Centre gives you advice on improving your property’s performance in the following areas:

  • Ranking – the percentage of searches you’re seen in when guests search for dates when you’re available
  • Conversion – how often your property page converts from a view to a booking
  • Page views – how often guests click your property from the search results page
  • Availability – how often your rooms are available on the dates guests search for
  • Length of stay – the average number of room nights guests book at your property
  • Average daily rate – the average rate you receive per room night
  • Cancellations – the ratio between the monetary value of cancellations in the last 30 days and the value of your bookings received in the same period
  • Reduce workload – advice that can help improve your operational efficiency
  • All topics – miscellaneous topics tied to your performance in the last 30 days compared to similar properties in your area

Implementing advice in the Opportunity Centre

You can implement relevant opportunities from the Opportunity Centre following these steps:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Opportunities, then Opportunity Centre
  3. Under the opportunity you want to implement, click on Take action – you can also click on Learn more to read more about the opportunity or Maybe later to set a reminder for later

To make sure we're showing you the most effective and relevant opportunities, we'll ask you for your feedback from time to time. We'll also ensure that you receive relevant advice by updating Focus Finder’s recommendations daily.

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