5 tips on how to get more guest reviews

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Wondering how to get more reviews, or simply how to get guests to leave reviews? Read on to get tips on how to ask customers for online reviews.

Learn how to deliver amazing guest experiences

Guest reviews play a crucial role for travellers and property owners alike.

For travellers searching for accommodation, reviews act as an independent source of information. They offer an insight into past guest experiences at your property and showcase your property’s best features – influencing other potential guests to book.

For accommodation owners, reviews are a great source of valuable customer feedback that can help you improve future guest experiences at your property even further.

These aren’t the only reasons to encourage guest reviews though. We know from research that travellers are more likely to trust a property with 20 reviews than one with 2 reviews – so the number of reviews you have also matters.

That’s why we’ve put together these tips on how to encourage customers to write reviews:

How to get customer reviews on Booking.com

1. Leave a personal note

If you usually leave a personal note thanking guests for choosing your place and wishing them a nice stay, it could be worth adding a line that asks them to share their experience in a guest review after they check out.

2. Ask in a ‘welcome pack’

Do you put together a welcome pack for your guests, a little booklet that explains your house rules or offers tips on local restaurants and activities? If so, it’s the perfect place to ask guests to leave a review.

3. Leave visual reminders

Another way to encourage guests to leave a review is to place physical material like stickers or flyers around your property. These visual reminders can prompt guests to share feedback on their stay via a review.

4. Ask face-to-face

If you (or your staff) personally handle guest check-outs at your property, it’s a great opportunity to thank them for choosing your place, find out if they enjoyed their stay – and ask them directly if they’d consider writing a review.

5. Send a personal message after check-out

Another option is to wait until the guest has completed their stay before asking them to leave a review. You could use the messaging tool in the Booking.com extranet to send a personal thank-you message a few days after they check out – as well as a request to add a review.



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