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Updated 1 month ago | 2 min read time

Anonymous reviews have historically been a pain point for many of our partners, so we’ve recently updated our policies to remove this option. Going forward, any reviews your property receives will be left under the guest’s name and you’ll be able to see the associated guest reservation details.

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Why we allowed guests to leave anonymous reviews

We previously allowed anonymous reviews in order to get partners as many reviews as possible. Our assumption was that anonymity would make it easier for guests to share feedback and highlight issues they would otherwise not mention, particularly in cases of problematic partner behaviour. This would give partners greater insight into how they could make improvements.

Why we no longer allow guests to leave anonymous reviews

To address the issues partners were having with anonymous reviews, we conducted an assessment of our policy and the technology behind it. Our aim was to find a way to keep review volume high while ensuring guests had enough options to comfortably report problems. Our experiments showed that when the anonymous review option was removed, we did not lose an unacceptable amount of reviews.

Thanks to these results, we decided to remove the option to write anonymous reviews. Guests using older versions of our mobile apps may still be able to leave anonymous reviews, but we don’t expect this to happen often. As with all other reviews, any existing anonymous reviews will remain public for 36 months.

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