Can I ask for a guest review to be removed?

Updated 2 weeks ago

We know travellers find reviews useful when they’re looking for somewhere to stay. That’s why we carry out an investigation before removing a review.

We remove entire reviews, including both the comments and score, if:  

  • The reservation is marked as a no-show
  • There was an overbooking and the guest was relocated
  • The guest cancelled their reservation
  • The property cancelled the reservation on the day of check-in because of an invalid credit card
  • We suspect the review isn’t genuine and may be intended to target a competitor
  • We determine that the guest reviewed the wrong property
  • We believe the guest is using the review to attempt to blackmail the property (we need written evidence in order to remove a review for this reason)

We also remove comments within reviews if they’re against our guidelines. Examples include:

  • Abusive language, swearing, discriminatory remarks, threats of violence and political or religious commentary
  • Promotion of illegal activities
  • Contact details such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and links to websites

In these cases, we’ll remove all of the text in the review but we’ll still leave the score online.

To ask us to remove a review covered by one of these categories, please contact us via your extranet inbox, using the topic ‘Guest reviews’.

If you’d like to find out more about who can leave a review, take a look at this article.  

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