Guest review process and conditions

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A guest review is the personal opinion of a guest’s experience after staying at a property. To make the best use of reviews, you should understand how the review process works and who can leave a review.

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Understanding how the guest review process works

Reviews are a way for you to get valuable feedback on your property and improve the guest experience. They showcase your property’s best features and help other potential guests make a booking decision.

We send review invitation emails to guests about 48 hours after check-out. They have three months to complete their review.

Eligibility to leave a guest review

Only guests who have booked stays through our platform – including no-shows and people who’ve booked a property on behalf of their family or friends – and/or have stayed at your property can leave a review.

Sometimes, someone may have made a reservation on behalf of a friend, family member or colleague. In that case, the person who made the booking receives the guest review questionnaire and they can forward it to the person who stayed at the property to complete the review.

You can read our content guidelines here to learn more about our policy on non-stayed reservations.

Anonymous reviews on

We no longer allow anonymous reviews on our platform. Anonymous reviews were previously allowed with the goal of protecting guest privacy and helping partners gather as many reviews as possible. Through your feedback, we have learned that anonymous reviews are a concern for many of our partners and after a thorough assessment, we’ve removed the option going forward.

Please note that:

  • Guests using older versions of the app may still be able to submit an anonymous review. This number is small and you should see fewer anonymous reviews as more guests update the app.
  • Anonymous reviews that have already been submitted will still be visible to guests and partners. As with all reviews, these will remain public for 36 months.

Anonymous reviews are not grounds for removal. If you are looking for more information about removal of guest reviews, please read this dedicated article and the content guidelines.

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