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A guest review is the personal opinion of a guest who has experienced the property. To make the best use of reviews, you must understand how the review process works, who can leave a review and in which cases you can ask for a review to be removed.

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Conditions for the removal of a guest review

To guarantee the relevance and impartiality of reviews, we remove both the review and the score if: 

  • The guest cancelled their reservation and confirmed that they didn’t arrive at the property
  • You’ve cancelled the reservation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled check-in
  • Reservation is marked as a no show and the review doesn’t detail the guest’s experience
  • You cancelled the booking on the planned day of check-in because of an invalid credit card
  • We determine that the guest reviewed the wrong property
  • We believe the guest is using the review to blackmail you – we need written evidence to remove a review for this reason

If a guest checked in at your property but decided to leave before their planned check-out date due to the property not meeting their expectations, or a guest was unable to stay at the property due to an overbooking – we won’t remove their review, as it relates to their experience at your property.


Additionally, we won’t approve any reviews that mention or refer to the following: 

  • Swear words, sexual references, hate speech, discriminatory remarks, threats, offensive content or instigations to violence
  • Promotion of illegal activities
  • Spam or fake content
  • Impersonation (e.g. if the writer is claiming to be someone else)
  • Unauthorised information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person such as social security numbers, passport numbers, government ID numbers, etc
  • Off-topic text, content that doesn’t add value for other travellers or isn’t about the travel experience

In these cases, we’ll remove all the text in the review, but we’ll approve the score for publication.

Requesting the removal of a guest review

If you’d like to speak to our team regarding a review, follow these steps to send us a message via the extranet:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Inbox
  3. Click on messages
  4. Click on See contact options
  5. Select Guest Reviews as the topic
  6. Click on See all contact options
  7. Choose your preferred contact method
  8. If you chose Message, indicate your booking number and explain your issue

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