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What are guest reviews and who can write one?

Updated 3 months ago

Guest reviews are subjective opinions of guests’ experience of staying at a property.

On, only guests who have booked through us and/or stayed at your property can leave a review. So whenever a guest does not stay at your property, you should always let us know by marking a no-show.

How our guest reviews work

Reviews offer a way to get valuable feedback and make your guests’ experiences even better. They showcase your property’s best features, helping to influence other potential guests to book.

We send review invitations to guests about 48 hours after check-out, and they have three months to complete their review.

Our reviews are 100% genuine because you get to confirm that the guest has stayed at your property. We also check for naughty words and verify the authenticity of all guest reviews before adding them to our site.

Naturally, reviews are based on guests’ subjective opinions. To remain unbiased, we only remove reviews if they are deemed irrelevant or against our policies, which require reviews to be genuine, unique, appropriate for a global audience, travel-related and respectful of the privacy of others.

To respect our customers’ privacy, we give them the option to leave an anonymous review. If a guest chooses to leave an anonymous review, it is’s responsibility to protect their privacy, so we’re not able to share any details about such guests.

In addition, customers may make a reservation on behalf of a friend, family member or colleague. The person who has made the booking receives the guest review questionnaire, and they can forward it to the person who actually stayed at the property to complete the review.

We always keep an eye out for fraudulent behaviour and constantly ensure that our reviews are genuine and reliable. If you’d like to speak to the team regarding a review, send us a message through your ‘Inbox’, selecting ‘Guest Reviews’ as the subject.

You can find out more about requesting the removal of certain reviews in this article.

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