Changing your property status to ‘open / bookable’

All you need to know about opening your property up for bookings.

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What does ‘open bookable’ mean?
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Setting your property status to ‘open bookable’ means you’ve completed every step of the registration process, and that your property can be booked on our site from that moment onwards.

On, every reservation a guest makes is instantly confirmed – you don’t have the option to accept or reject their booking. Therefore, it’s important that you load your availability correctly before you set your property status to ‘open bookable’.

How to set your property to ‘open bookable’

Before you can start receiving bookings, you need to complete your registration – which includes reviewing all the details on your property page. Then, you can set your property status to ‘open bookable’ via a button in your extranet.

Before you do this, make sure you’ve done the following:

  1. Add or arrange photos of your property.
  2. Review your facilities and room amenities.
  3. Read your property description for accuracy.
  4. Check you’ve loaded enough availability in your calendar.
  5. Make sure you’ve added rates for the rooms you’ve made available.
  6. Preview your property page as it will appear on our website.

Once everything is ready, click on ‘Make my property live’. Your property will then be live on and you will be ready for your first booking!

What happens next?

Whenever you get a new booking, you’ll receive a confirmation via email and a notification on the Pulse app (if you use it). We’ll also send the guest a confirmation email, and your availability will be automatically updated in our system. You can view information about your bookings in the ‘Reservations’ tab in the extranet, and also on the Pulse app.

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