Keeping your property safe and clean

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We’ve collected these health and cleanliness guidelines from industry health and safety experts as well as partners from all over the world. They’re designed to support you in keeping your property safe and your staff and guests healthy and protected

What do these guidelines mean to me?

As well as helping your guests have an enjoyable experience, you can play a significant role in minimising health risks. You can do this by establishing and practising cleaning and safety protocols. During these challenging times, we hope this guide will help you keep your guests and your staff as safe as possible.

What about what I have to do by law?

While we can offer support in many areas, advice from your government or local authorities takes precedence. Each country has its own rules and laws, and it’s important that you take the time to understand what applies in your particular situation. Please bear in mind that, if it’s required by your government, you should make sure you:

  • Have an applicable reopening license
  • Provide information on track-and-trace apps to your guests and staff

We take great care to collect information from around the world on a daily basis, so that both partners and guests are aware of any possible travel restrictions. But when it comes to laws that apply to your particular situation, please make sure you check the websites of your government and local authorities.

How do I tell guests about our health and safety measures?
  1. You can now provide up-to-date information about measures you have in place to give guests peace of mind that they'll be safe at your property.
  2. You should report any health and safety incidents to your local authorities, as well as to by phone or in the extranet.
  3. Make sure you display clearly visible signs reminding both guests and staff about health and hygiene measures they need to keep in mind.
  4. We recommend you keep records of all preventive measures you take, as well as any other changes that take place at your property.
How should I prepare myself and my staff?

Whether it’s just you or a big team taking care of your property, following these guidelines can help you maintain a healthy working environment:

  • Support your team’s wellbeing and monitor their health and yours. That way you can make sure they’re not at risk and also won’t put your guests in danger.
  • Make sure you and your staff are trained to detect and take action on potential incidents related to poor health conditions (for example, make sure both you and they know how and where to report potential dangers to local health authorities and
  • Minimise physical contact where possible, and encourage your staff to do the same. Understand, respect and reinforce social distancing guidelines provided by your local authorities.
  • Use appropriate protective equipment - such as gloves and masks - and provide these for your staff and contracted workers (such as housekeepers).
How do I set up amenities to make sure they’re safe and clean?

Creating and respecting new cleanliness protocols can help keep your staff and guests safe. These include:

  • Cleaning as well as sanitising surfaces, so that you not only remove dirt but also kill bacteria. It’s best to clean high-touch areas first and sanitise them afterwards.
  • If you have a reception area, placing protective transparent screens in areas that are prone to contact (such as between staff and guests).
  • Using products that have been approved by health professionals to stop the spread of harmful viruses. For instance, please take a look at existing guidance from the World Health Organization.
  • Using disinfectant during routine cleaning of accommodations and - where applicable - public spaces such as conference and meeting rooms.
  • Washing bedding more frequently and using disinfectant.
  • Providing disposable disinfectant wipes to staff (for example, if you are a hotel) to sanitise surfaces that are also used by or exposed to guests.
  • Making alcohol-based sanitising hand gel easily accessible and clearly marked for guest and staff use in all public areas.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting laundry hampers or carts after they’ve used.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting electronic equipment and appliances such as tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls and in-property ATM machines. 
  • Regularly disinfecting and sanitising publicly accessible toilets.
  • Disinfecting swimming pools, spas and other recreational facilities.
  • Where applicable, installing air purifiers in common areas and regularly changing their filters.
  • Offering cashless payment as an option if possible and agreed contractually.
  • Staying informed of the latest news from the World Health Organization.
  • Helping guests understand the measures you have in place and why they matter.
How do I make sure my property stays sustainable while taking on these extra precautions?

We understand you might be concerned that taking some of these precautions could lead to more plastic use or create more waste than usual. To make sure you’re still sustainable and responsible, we recommend reading this United Nations Environment Programme handbook. It explains how you can keep reducing your plastic footprint and remain sustainable even while you take extra health and safety precautions.

Download the handbook

What role do guests play in keeping my property safe and clean?

Your guests also play a significant role in taking reasonable precautions to minimise risks. Our guidelines for guests – which we also encourage you to share and practice – include these points:

  • Guests should follow the government's and the property’s safety measures.
  • The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recommends you inform guests about the local situation when they arrive. You should also give them advice on how to access healthcare services if they develop symptoms. For example, you could provide contact details for local health services and national hotlines.
  • If guests experience symptoms before check-in or during their stay, they should isolate themselves and inform both you and
  • If local authorities require or recommend it, guests should register on a track-and-trace app.
  • Guests should report any health and safety incidents at your property to’s Customer Service team.

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