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From the moment you click on the register button and become a accommodation partner, we will always be there for you with tips and guidance. Along the way, we will celebrate your achievements and warn you of the common pitfalls.

And one of those pitfalls is not having a ‘Guest review score’. This score is a vital part in both standing out in search results on, as well as understanding and taking action on how guests perceive your property.

From huge hotels to quaint cottages, a good ‘Guest review score’ gives any listing on a boost - and there are 5 key steps to getting your own score!

guest review score, the 5 milestones

If you’ve already received your ‘Guest review score’, congratulations! Remember you can always find it in the extranet, under the ‘Guest Reviews’ tab. If you haven’t received yours yet - know that the ‘Guidance’ tab on the homepage of the extranet is where you will always be able to see at which particular milestone you are on your journey. That is also where we will give you actionable tips on what you can do to progress to the next stage.

Note: Know that we at adhere to a set of hospitality standards in order to help you provide the best possible experience to your guests.

Along the way, and on top of notifications in the extranet, we’ll celebrate your key achievements by sending you an email for each key milestone that you reach.

Milestone 1: You’ve joined

Welcome to! We’re excited that you decided to partner with us and we’re happy to have you!

Creating and filling out your own profile is a simple but very important first step on your journey to becoming a successful host on

While it might seem like this milestone is tiny, experience has shown that it’s very important that you take the time during registration and set-up to understand how the extranet is built to work for you.

And what better way to learn than by doing? You can complete your property registration by going through the various steps found in the extranet and adding the details of your property, such as uploading photos and ticking the right facilities. It’s easy!

Remember: If you feel like you need reassurance at any moment, don’t hesitate to check out our quick-start guide here!

Milestone 2: You’ve opened for bookings!

Great job! Guests are now able to view and book your property on our website. But being ready to receive guests is only part of the whole picture.

If you are a new partner, a checklist will be available to you under the extranet’s ‘Home’ tab with actionable tips, relevant to this part of your journey.

One word of advice: always put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Do that, and you should be fine! As you’ll see in the extranet, our advice covers topics about improving your property page content, updating and synchronizing your calendar (to attract guests at the right dates), and even interacting with other partners!

On top of this, we’ve also created this helpful article detailing the best way to build out, update, and maintain your property listing. We interact with guests from all over the world, and we can say for sure that everyone is looking for those things when they are looking for a property to book on

Now it’s time to get you your very first booking!

Milestone 3: Receiving your first booking

Nice work! Getting your first booking is an important moment in your journey as a partner with us. But you’re not done just yet… now it's time to impress your guests and earn that first review!

In order to increase your chances of getting a review from your guests after their stay, here are several tips that we have found very helpful:

  1. Familiarise yourself with how our Guest Reviews work.

  2. Get your guests to leave you a review after their stay:

    • Leave a personal note for your guests.

    • Ask for a review in your “welcome pack”.

    • Leave visual reminders in the property.

    • Ask face-to-face upon check-out.

    • Send a personal message after check-out.

  3. Watch how your fellow partners deliver outstanding guest experiences.

  4. Prepare your place for the perfect stay:

    • Revamp your dining area.

    • Light up your living area.

    • Spice up your kitchen.

    • Refresh your bathroom.

Milestone 4: Getting your first guest review

Congratulations! You just received your first guest review!

This is a great accomplishment because your guests have started acknowledging your hard work. Just remember that keeping up the good work is very important - doing everything you can in order to get great guest reviews is paramount. This bit of advice is all the more important for your first few reviews, as these will be used to create your ‘Guest review score’ badge on our website!

Remember: Having a ‘Guest review score’ is very important as it will increase your visibility on, which will, in turn, attract many more guests to your property!

We’ve found that it pays off for our partners to also familiarise themselves with this topic a bit more. Luckily, there is some easy reading available on Partner Help (which is a good site to bookmark). For example:

Milestone 5: Obtaining your ‘Guest review score’

You did it! You’ve earned your ‘Guest review score’!

Travellers can now see a badge with a score reflecting the average of your past guest reviews on your property page on This will give you a bit of a boost on our website, especially since travellers normally search for a place to stay using the ‘Guest review score’ filter.

You have come a long way since you first opened your property on our website and now more doors could potentially open for you. However, bear in mind that every new guest review will influence this score, so keep up the good work!

Maintaining a good ‘Guest review score’ will allow you to qualify for other performance-enhancing opportunities, such as:

Of course, this is your own journey. And if you’ve come this far, we’d like to congratulate you once again, and wish you the best from the team

Remember: You can always reach out to other partners via our Community and have other questions answered in Partner Help.

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