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We work closely with municipalities around the world to ensure the cities our partners are based in remain thriving destinations. In some high-demand cities, new legislation has come into force to protect both residents and guests, and to help prevent illegal holiday rentals. Before listing your property on Booking.com, it’s important to be aware of any short-term rental regulations that affect your city, region or country.

Many governments and municipalities now require property owners to hold and/or display a special permit or licence if they wish to list their place for short-term holiday rental. In some cases, local authorities can limit bookings to a maximum number of nights. In other cases, a limit on guest occupancy may be enforced.

You can find more detailed information, as well as the latest updates about which legislation applies to you, on your local municipality’s website (see list of links below).

Disclaimer: The information and links found below are provided as a courtesy and do not constitute a complete overview of all mandatory legal requirements. You may be subject to further requirements (licences, permits, health/safety, zoning, etc.) in order to make your property available for short-term rental on our platform. Please consult your own legal advisor for further guidance and information.


Australia - New South Wales (also here for making a complaint)

Austria - Vienna

Canada - Mississauga

Canada - Toronto  (also here the 'Toronto Good Operator Guide')

Canada - Vancouver

France - Aix-en-Provence

France - Albi

France - Angoulins

France - Annecy

France - Argonay

France - Arles

France - Aytré

France - Batz-sur-Mer

France - Beaune

France - Biarritz

France - Bordeaux

France - Boulogne-Billancourt

France - Cannes

France - Capbreton

France - Châlons-en-Champagne

France - Chatelaillon Plage

France - Chavanod

France - Colmar

France - Dompierre Sur Mer

France - Duingt

France - Épagny-Metz-Tessy

France - Fagnieres

France - Frontignan

France - Hellemmes-Lille

France - Hossegor

France - Issy-Les-Moulineaux

France - Juvigny

France - La Croix-Valmer

France - La Rochelle

France - La Roque d'Anthéron

France - Lagord

France - Les Touches de Périgny

France - Levallois-Perret

France - Lille

France - Lomme

France - Lyon

France - Mandelieu-La Napoule

France - Martigues

France - Mas Blanc des Alpilles

France - Matougues

France - Menton

France - Meudon

France - Mouries

France - Nantes

France - Neuilly-sur-Seine

France - Nice

France - Nieul Sur Mer

France - Nîmes

France - Ondres

France - Paris

France - Poisy

France - Port-Saint-Louis du Rhone

France - Puilboreau

France - Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

France - Rueil-Malmaison

France - Saint Etienne du Gres

France - Saint-Cannat

France - Saint-Jorioz

France - Saint-Malo

France - Saint-Martin-sur-le-Pré

France - Saint-Paul-de-Vence

France - Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

France - Saint-Tropez

France - Saintes Maries de la Mer

France - Salles Sur Mer

France - Sarry

France - Sete

France - Sevres

France - Sevrier

France - Soudron

France - Strasbourg

France - Toulouse

France - Versailles

France - Villeneuve-Loubet

Germany - Berlin

Germany - Bonn

Germany - Cologne

Germany - Dortmund

Germany - Frankfurt

Germany - Freiburg

Germany - Hamburg

Germany - Heidelberg

Germany - Konstanz

Germany - Munich

Germany - Münster

Germany - Stuttgart



Italy - Abruzzo

Italy - Basilicata

Italy - Bologna

Italy - Calabria

Italy - Campania

Italy - Emilia-Romagna

Italy - Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Italy - Lazio

Italy - Liguria

Italy - Lombardia

Italy - Marche

Italy - Milan (Lombardia)

Italy - Parma (Emilia-Romagna)

Italy - Piemonte

Italy - Polignano a Mare (Puglia)

Italy - Rome (Lazio)

Italy - Sardinia

Italy - Sicily

Italy - Trento (Trentino-Alto-Adige)

Italy - Tuscany

Italy - Umbria

Italy - Valle d'Aosta

Italy - Veneto

Italy - Venice





Spain - Andalusia

Spain - Aragon

Spain - Asturias

Spain - Balearic Islands

Spain - Barcelona

Spain - Basque Country

Spain - Canary Islands

Spain - Cantabria

Spain - Castile and León

Spain - Castilla-La-Mancha

Spain - Catalonia

Spain - Extremadura

Spain - Fuerteventura

Spain - Galicia

Spain - Gran Canaria

Spain - La Gomera

Spain - Lanzarote

Spain - Madrid

Spain - Murcia

Spain - Navarra

Spain - Rioja

Spain - Tenerife

Spain - Valencia

Switzerland - Basel-Stadts

Switzerland - Bern

Switzerland - Geneva

Switzerland - Lucerne

Switzerland - Zurich

The Netherlands - Amsterdam

The Netherlands - Arnhem

The Netherlands - Bergen (NH)

The Netherlands - Den Haag

The Netherlands - Dutch tax authority

The Netherlands - Haarlem

The Netherlands - Haarlemmermeer

The Netherlands - Maastricht

The Netherlands - Rotterdam

The Netherlands - Utrecht

The Netherlands - Zandvoort

United Kingdom - Blackpool

United Kingdom - Cotswold

United Kingdom - Kirklees

United Kingdom - London (Camden)

United Kingdom - London (Lambeth)

United Kingdom - London (Tower Hamlets)

United Kingdom - London (Westminster)

United Kingdom - West Lothian

United States of America - Arlington County

United States of America - Aspen (CO)

United States of America - Atlanta (GA)

United States of America - Austin (TX)

United States of America - Baltimore

United States of America - Berkeley (CA)

United States of America - Boston (MA)

United States of America - Boulder (CO)

United States of America - Charlotte (NC)

United States of America - Chicago (IL)

United States of America - Columbus (OH)

United States of America - Denver (CO)

United States of America - Estes Park (CO)

United States of America - Kiawah Island (SC)

United States of America - Kissimmee (FL)

United States of America - Las Vegas

United States of America - Los Angeles (CA)

United States of America - Madison (WI)

United States of America - Miami Beach (FL)

United States of America - Minneapolis

United States of America - Nashville (TN)

United States of America - New Orleans (LA)

United States of America - New York City (NY)

United States of America - Palm Springs (CA)

United States of America - Park City (UT)

United States of America - Pasadena (CA)

United States of America - Philadelphia (PA)

United States of America - Phoenix (AZ)

United States of America - Portland (OR)

United States of America - Prince George's County

United States of America - Sacramento (CA)

United States of America - Saint Paul (MN)

United States of America - San Diego (CA)

United States of America - San Francisco (CA)

United States of America - San Luis Obispo County (CA)

United States of America - Santa Monica (CA)

United States of America - Seattle (WA)

United States of America - South Lake Tahoe (CA)

United States of America - State of Hawaii

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