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Japan National Travel Support campaign: FAQs

Updated 2 weeks ago | 5 min read time

The Japanese Government has launched a second travel subsidy programme: the National Travel Support (NTS) campaign. This initiative aims to stimulate domestic demand by offering residents of Japan 20% off domestic stays at participating properties. Travellers are also entitled to coupons, which are issued by properties and can be spent on food, drinks and activities in the local area. The book and stay window for this campaign is 10 January to 31 March 2023.

In this article you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions around the NTS campaign.


The NTS campaign conditions

    • Between 10 January and 31 March 2023, all residents of Japan are eligible for a government subsidy on accommodation in most prefectures in Japan. This excludes Business Bookers.
    • Stays longer than seven consecutive nights are not eligible.
    • The discount amount is 20%, with a maximum discount amount of ¥3,000 per person, per night. Children and infants are counted as one adult. Please note that the discount may vary per prefecture in terms of amount, category, format and eligibility criteria. You can find more information here.
    • Regional coupons are also available to travellers and sponsored by the government. 
    • Coupons are provided by the property upon check-in, in either paper or e-coupon format. Coupon usage is limited to participating service providers – please check your destination’s prefecture website for details.

    Visit the Japan Association of Travel Agents’ website for the most recent information about the campaign.

  • Guests who make bookings through the NTS campaign will also receive coupons, which they can spend on food, drinks and activities in the local area. The value of each coupon is based on the reservation details, and should be provided by you to your guests upon check-in. You will receive the coupons from your local government. The maximum value of a coupon is ¥2,000 per person, per night on weekdays, and ¥1,000 yen per person, per night on Saturdays and public holidays.

    We are not responsible or liable for the eligibility of the coupons. If you have any questions about these, we recommend you check your destination prefecture’s website.

  • Yes, we’ll apply the 20% discount on top of any other special rates or promotions you’re offering.

  • You are responsible for checking each guest’s personal ID and vaccination certificate or negative PCR certificate, in line with your local government guidelines. We also recommend that you show potential guests the measures you’re taking by completing the health and safety details in the extranet, which we’ll display on our property page.

Joining the NTS campaign

  • You will be eligible to join the campaign if you meet the following requirements:

    • You’re compliant with your local prefecture government guidelines
    • Your property is not a love hotel
    • Your property is not located in Nara Prefecture,Toyama, or on the Satsunan Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture – please note that the list of excluded locations is subject to change
    • You’ve activated Online Payments – we need you to do this so that we can accept payments on your behalf when guests make an NTS booking

    Follow these steps to activate Online Payments:

    1. Log in to the extranet
    2. Click on Finance and then click on Online Payments
    3. Click on Activate

    Please note that it can take up to 24 hours after activating Online Payments for you to be able to opt in to the campaign in the extranet. Also keep in mind that if you currently accept bookings without a credit card from domestic guests, we’ll turn this option off for you during this campaign. This means that guests will need to provide a credit card for any booking they make with you.

  • To join the NTS campaign, you need to register with your local prefecture’s secretariat and obtain an eight-digit agent ID number.

    Once you’ve taken care of these requirements, follow these steps to join the campaign:

    1. Log in to the extranet
    2. Click on Opportunities
    3. Click on National Travel Support campaign (if you’ve only just activated Online Payments, this can take up to 24 hours to appear)
    4. Take another look at the requirements to make sure you meet them
    5. Enter your 8-digit Agent ID
    6. Tick the box to confirm you’ve registered with the National Travel Support Secretariat

    Click on Yes, opt in

  • Properties participating in the NTS campaign will get a National Travel Support badge added to their property page and property listing in search results on our platform. We’re also promoting the campaign to travellers in Japan through a dedicated landing page and other marketing channels.

Handling NTS reservations

  • All residents of Japan are eligible for the NTS discount. They must be travelling for leisure – this discount is not available to Business Bookers.

    Once you’ve signed up to take part in the campaign with us, we’ll promote your property to anyone searching for a domestic booking from within Japan. When guests make a booking with you using the campaign, we’ll also ask them to confirm that they agree to the terms and conditions of the campaign, which include the eligibility criteria.

  • When you receive a booking made using the campaign, we’ll highlight it for you with a note on the Reservation details page for that booking in the extranet. Here’s how to see this:

    1. Log in to the extranet
    2. Click on Reservations
    3. Filter the information that’s displayed by entering the reservation, check-in, check-out, invoice or stay dates for the booking you’re interested in
    4. Click on the guest name or booking number for the reservation you’re interested in
    5. On the Reservation details page that loads, look for a note telling you that the reservation is part of the National Travel Support campaign

    If you use a channel manager or property management system, we’ll include this note about bookings made using this campaign in the comments and remarks area of the reservation details.

  • You and your guests can only make changes to NTS reservations if it doesn’t affect the total price. If it would affect the total price, the modification won’t be possible and your guest will need to cancel the reservation and then book again.

Earning commission on NTS reservations

  • For reservations using this campaign, we’ll collect payment from guests at the time of booking. We’ll do this so that we can facilitate the 20% discount upfront. You’ll still receive a payment as normal for the full reservation amount before the discount, and we’ll pay you this following the usual Online Payments process.

    If you haven’t used Online Payments before, you can find out how this works by taking a look at this article.

  • We’ll calculate the amount of commission you need to pay based on the full amount of the reservation before the discount. We’ll follow our normal invoicing and payment process just as we do with any other booking.

Check Points upon check-in

  • All guests are required to present a vaccination certificate or test result certificate, as well as identity verification and address verification. If this can’t be obtained locally, you will not be able to receive the national travel support discount. Please check the documents required for identity verification based on the guidance of the country and prefectures. Please check here for the instruction manual to be presented to the guests.

Non-eligible reservations

  • The reservation is non-eligible if the guest:

    • Does not provide a vaccination certificate or negative certificate
    • Is a foreign resident
    •  Does not meet any other conditions stipulated by the prefectural secretariat
  • Even if one person in the group does not bring proof, the entire reservation will not be eligible for the campaign. If we’re unable to confirm all the documents the guest will need to make a new reservation, so please cancel the reservation.

  • No. Additional settlement is not possible, please cancel the reservation and let us know how to make it again.

  • No. Existing reservations can’t be changed. Please advise the guest to cancel the and rebook the reservation.

  • Please encourage guests to cancel their reservation. If this is not possible, you can cancel the booking in the extranet. To do this:

    1. Go to your Inbox, click Messages and then 
    2. Click Compose new message
    3. Select Reservations (cancellations, modifications, questions, etc) in the drop-down topic menu
    4. Select Cancellation in the drop-down subtopic menu
    5. Click the blue box
    6. Enter the relevant reservation number and write “Please cancel for free as the reservation is not eligible for national travel support” in the text box
    7. Click Send

    Unfortunately, due to the high volume of customer service inquiries, we’re currently unable to reach you by phone. However, you can contact us via the management screen to cancel the reservation.

  • Coupons are to be issued by the property. Please don’t distribute coupons to customers who aren’t eligible.

Labels and discounts

  • Please contact us using the extranet. To do this:

    1. Log in to the extranet
    2. Click Inbox and then click Messages
    3. Click Compose new Message
    4. Select Promotions in the drop-down topic menu
    5. Click the blue box 
    6. Include the dates and rooms that are not displayed as well as a screenshot

    Click Send

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