Which versions of Android and iOS does the Pulse app support?

To keep your data safe, get first-class support and access the latest features on Pulse, you should update your devices’ operating systems to the following versions:

  • Android 4.4 or higher (we recommend Android 8 or 9)
  • iOS 11 or higher (we recommend iOS 12 or 13)

Why can’t I use earlier versions of Android or iOS?

On 10 April 2019, we discontinued support for the Pulse app on devices using Android 4.3. As of 1 November 2019, we’ll do the same for devices using iOS 10 or lower.

Can I still use the Pulse app if I don’t update my operating system?

Unfortunately not. As we continue improving our app by adding new features that require systems with higher security, you will not be able to update the app to the latest version unless you also update your devices’ operating systems as listed above.

How to update your Android device How to update your iOS device