Domestic bank transfer payouts through Payoneer

Updated 3 months ago

Starting February 2020, partners in Japan will receive bank transfer payouts from through our new partner, Payoneer Japan. Since Payoneer supports all banks in the Zengin clearing scheme, partners can now receive payments into any Japanese bank and incur no fees when receiving payouts.

How can I receive payouts through Payoneer?

We use the information from your extranet bank details page to register you with Payoneer. To receive payouts through Payoneer, you’ll first need to update your bank details by filling in all the required information in your extranet. 

If you complete the form correctly by the 1st day of the month, you can expect payout through Payoneer in the same month. For example, if you’ve filled the form by the 1st of February, we will send the payout in February through Payoneer. The money will reach your account around the same time it normally does each month. 

How will I know that I’ve been paid through Payoneer?

In your bank statement, you’ll see a payment from "Payoneer Japan". The transaction details may not mention "", depending on your bank. The amount paid out will also be mentioned in your remittance advice in extranet.

What if I haven’t updated my bank details by the cutoff date?

If you’re unable to update your bank details or if the Payoneer registration isn’t successful, you’ll receive your money via international bank transfer, the same way you currently get paid. You can still provide your bank details to get paid through Payoneer in the following month.

If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please contact our credit control team through your extranet inbox.


Guide on how to fill the bank details form in extranet:

Select Bank details from the Finance tab, and click on Edit Bank details. Enter information in the format mentioned below.


Bank name

Please enter a 4-digit bank code followed by a 3-digit branch code

Bank account type

Choose between Futsu, Touza, Chochiku, or Other

Account number

Enter only your bank account number without branch code, up to a  maximum of 7 digits. If you enter a 10-digit account number, Payoneer registration will fail.

Account holder name in Japanese

In Katakana or Latin only. Enter the account holder's name as it appears on the front page of your bank passbook. If the account name is in Japanese, enter it using Katakana characters only. If it's in English, only use Latin characters. Hiragana or Kanji are not allowed.

Account holder name in Latin characters

Enter the official account holder's name in English. This field only supports Latin characters.

Beneficiary type

Choose between Individual or Corporate, based on your account

For Individual: 

First name and Last name in English / Latin characters

For corporate:

Company name, contact person’s first name  and contact person’s last name, in Latin characters

Account holder's address

Only in English or Latin characters

Prefecture or city

Only in English or Latin characters

Zip code 

7 digits


Once you have submitted the form, we will register you with Payoneer after 7 days. If your bank details require corrections, we will contact you via Notes & Actions in your extranet or via Credit Control.

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