Setting up a prepayment policy

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A prepayment policy allows you to charge guests for their reservations in advance. You can set up an automatic prepayment policy in the extranet if you accept credit cards, or your guests can pay via bank transfer.

If you're a new partner, there may be a temporary restriction on prepayments for your property.

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Setting up a prepayment policy

If you accept credit cards, follow these steps to set up or update a prepayment policy:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Under Property, click Policies
  3. Under Cancellation and prepayment policies, click Edit
  4. Update your existing policy or click Create new cancellation policy
  5. Click Save to finalise

If you don’t accept credit cards, send your guest a message asking them to do a manual bank transfer. You can set up a message template to automate this request and save yourself some time. 

Collecting unpaid prepayments

If you accept credit cards, but you're unable to charge a guest’s card, you can mark the credit card as invalid.

If you don’t accept credit cards, and a guest doesn’t pay via bank transfer, send us a message in the extranet or Pulse app. We'll contact your guest and offer them 24 hours to pay the deposit. You can cancel the reservation if they don’t pay within this period.

Collecting prepayments through Payments by

If you've signed up for Payments by, you can set up a prepayment policy using the instructions described in this article. However, we'll be responsible for collecting prepayments and charging your guests' credit cards according to the policy you have in place.

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