Supplying guests with invoices

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You must provide invoices to your guests at check-out, as required by local legislation.

While the type of invoice required may vary according to the law, reservations are legal agreements between you and guests. Therefore, while we can provide receipts for proof of payment, it’s always accommodation partners alone who can issue invoices.

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Issuing guest invoices

If you’re paid by your guests via bank transfer, and check-outs occur before payouts are processed, you can still provide invoices based on proof of payment (i.e. the bank transfer). If proof of payment isn’t sufficient, then you should take steps to prepare and inform guests that invoices will be provided via email following the completion of bank transfer payment.

When providing guests with invoices at check-out, either on paper or by email (or both) you’ll have to follow local legal requirements. Also, depending on the applicable regulations, these invoices can be tax invoices or customer receipts.

Invoices for reservations on Payments by

Even in situations when we facilitate your guest’s payment, you still need to provide an invoice at check-out – either on paper, by email, or both if required by local legislation.

A few important details:

  • We hold no responsibility for invoicing and won’t send invoices for any room reservation to you or your guest. 
  • Please make sure any invoice you send as a partner to guests is issued in their name (or any other name agreed on with the guest). 
  • For payouts to you via virtual credit card (VCC), the cardholder’s name will always be “ (Agent).” 

Issuing guest invoices if you’re not VAT-registered

You must check whether or not you need to be tax-registered under local law. Wherever this isn’t required, you may need to issue non-tax invoices (or customer receipts).

The point at which a guest is charged may have tax implications for you, so it’s important that you understand how to handle VAT and local taxes.

Issuing amount 

No matter how you receive the reservation funds (from the guest or via us) the invoice to the guest should always reflect the total reservation amount. 

Even in the case where we deduct our commission prior to transferring the remaining reservation amount, you’re still required to issue an invoice for the total reservation amount.

Guest invoices under the name of

As set out in the General Delivery Terms (GDTs), we only facilitate the payment for and on your behalf. You’re still the supplier of the room to the guest. We don’t keep our brand on the customer receipt. Hence – similarly to the situation where the guest pays you directly – you’ll have to issue a tax invoice or receipt where required by law.


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