How to waive fees with the Cancellation Fee Exceptions tool

Updated 9 days ago

Our research shows that guests are most likely to cancel accidental bookings within 24 hours – in fact, 25% of all cancellation requests are made within this period. Even in the case of non-refundable bookings, guests might still call or email to request free cancellation.

To save time handling these bookings, we’ve created the Cancellation Fee Exceptions tool to allow you to pre-approve waived fees for these common cancellations. This means they’ll be processed quickly and your rooms will go back on sale straight away.

Selecting your preferred time frame between booking and cancellation will determine which bookings are eligible.

Your calendar will be updated immediately and the rooms will be put back on sale.

To enable this opportunity, visit the Opportunity Centre, find the opportunity and then click on ‘Action’.

Go to Opportunity Centre

If you don’t see this option in your Opportunity Centre, just follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to your extranet and click on the ‘Property’ tab.
  2. Select Policies’.
  3. Under ‘Cancellations and prepayment policies’, click ‘Change/Add details’ for the policy you wish to make an exception to.
  4. Tick ‘Yes’ to the question:Is there a period when the guest can cancel free of charge?’.
  5. Specify the conditions that will apply.
  6. Remember to click ‘Save’ when you’re done.

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