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As a global marketplace for travel, one of our aims is to expand our horizons to offer you and your guests the best services. This includes investing in our payment solutions. Booking Holdings Financial Services (BHFS) has been set up to enhance our payment offerings. BHFS will gradually take on the role of Payments by as our new payment service provider.

These services will be provided by Booking Holdings Financial Services International Limited if your location is in the EEA. Booking Holdings Financial Services International Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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About BHFS

BHFS is a licensed and regulated e-money institution that provides payment services within Processing payments with BHFS helps us enhance the reliability of payments made on our platform and increases our ability to prevent fraud and other financial crimes. BHFS comes with our continued commitment to enable you and your guests to make and receive safe and secure payments.

Furthermore, being able to provide you with regulated payment services allows us to lay the foundation for introducing new improvements and scaling our payments services in the future. This means we can innovate and offer top-notch payment services that will deliver more value to you and your guests.

Licensing and regulation

Booking Holdings Financial Services International Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Therefore, it’s required to comply with legislation and regulation that apply to e-money and payment services in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Rollout plan

BHFS will launch its payment processing services in phases across our markets, starting with select partners in certain member countries of the EEA. This allows us to validate the operating model and effectiveness of the transition, thus ensuring the operational readiness of our new payment services provider. We’ll let you know when BHFS is ready to begin processing your payments.

We don't expect anything in your day-to-day operations to change once BHFS starts processing payments for you. However, please read this article on activating and processing payments with BHFS to find out more.

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