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How can I join Payments by

Updated 2 months ago

Payments by is a payments solution where facilitates all guest payments for you, according to the policies you’ve selected. You’ll receive guaranteed payouts by bank transfer for all your reservations (depending on your property’s reservations policies).

From 1 June 2019, a charge is applied to Payments by This is to cover the costs associated with facilitating payments on our partners’ behalf, and is applicable to EEA countries (plus Switzerland).


How can I see if my property is eligible or already active on Payments by 

To find out if your property is already active on Payments by Booking, and for more information on associated costs, log in to your extranet and click on the ‘Finance’ tab.

  • If you see the ‘Getting paid’ page in the drop-down menu, you are currently active and can find more information about this service. 

  • If you see the ‘Payments by’ page, you are eligible but not yet active, and can activate the service at the bottom of the page. 

  • If you don’t see the ‘Getting paid’ or the ‘Payments by’ pages in the drop-down menu, your property isn’t active or eligible for this service.

What should I do if my property doesn’t have Payments by

If you’re not part of Payments by, you’ll need to continue to manage your guests’ payments yourself, as normal. So it’s important that you have your payment preferences correctly configured. For tips on how to set your preferences, check out this article.

  • If you accept credit cards, you can either charge the guest before arrival or at check-in/check-out, depending on the policy they booked under.

  • If you don’t accept credit cards, the guest will pay on arrival or departure in your local currency. If you want to charge a prepayment deposit or a damage deposit, you’ll need to contact the guest to arrange the payment. To keep things simple, decide on a payment deadline and let the guest know.

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