Receiving bank transfer payments via Payoneer in Japan

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We use Payoneer to make bank transfer payments to partners in Japan who are registered for Payments by Booking. Payoneer supports all banks in the Zengin clearing scheme, which means you can receive your payments to any Japanese bank account without additional fees.

How do I receive payments via Payoneer?

We use the bank details you’ve provided in the extranet to pay you via Payoneer. If you haven’t yet added your bank details, you’ll need to do this before we can send you any payments. Here’s how to do add or update your bank details:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Finance and then click on Bank details
  3. Under Receiving money from, click on Add bank details or Edit bank details
  4. Enter your new bank details
  5. Click on Update bank details

Once you’ve done this, we’ll register you with Payoneer within seven working days. We’ll contact you if we need more information before we can do this.

When will I receive my payments?

You need to provide us with your bank details by the first day of the month so that we can make a bank transfer payment to you via Payoneer in the same month. For example, if you add your bank details by 1 February, we’ll send your bank transfer payment via payoneer in February.

How will I know that I’ve been paid via Payoneer?

Your payments will show on your bank statement as being from Payoneer Japan. It’s possible that the transaction details won’t mention You can also compare the amount you receive with the amount shown on the remittance advice we send you, which should match.

What if I don’t update my bank details in time?

If you don’t provide us with your bank details in time, or if we’re unable to successfully register you with Payoneer, we won’t be able to send your bank transfer payment as planned.

Once we receive your bank details and successfully register you with Payoneer, we’ll send a new bank transfer payment in the next monthly cycle. If you’ve successfully added your bank details but you still don’t receive your payment the following month, please contact us via your extranet inbox.

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