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Setting up no-credit card details on your most flexible rate

Updated 1 month ago | 3 min read time

A lot of guests start booking a room but abandon the process when they’re asked to enter their credit card details – particularly when booking on a mobile device. Removing that step from the process can help increase your bookings.

If you already offer a flexible, same-day free cancellation policy, you can give guests extra flexibility by activating the Super-flexible setting. This allows guests to book rooms or units with a flexible, same-day free cancellation policy without a credit card.

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Understanding the Super-flexible setting

When this setting is active, a guest booking a room or unit with a flexible, same-day free cancellation policy will have the option of booking without entering their credit card details. If the guest opts to do this, they will have a check-in deadline. This is when the free cancellation period ends, according to your flexible cancellation policy. Guests booking without credit card details must check in before the deadline, otherwise you can cancel the reservation. Guests still have the option of entering their credit card details if they prefer to – in fact around 75% of guests who see this option still choose to enter their details.

This setting is available to properties that have a flexible, same-day free cancellation policy in place, and which require a credit card to book. This feature is only visible to guests in the EU or Switzerland who don’t already have other reservations for the same dates. This is to protect against cancellations – statistically, these areas have a lower cancellation and no-show rate than other parts of the world.

Setting up the Super-flexible setting

If you’re located in the EU or Switzerland, have a flexible, same-day free cancellation policy set up and require credit cards for booking, you should be able to see the Super-flexible setting in the Opportunity Centre of your extranet.

If not, you can activate it by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Property and then select Policies
  3. Under Credit card exceptions, click Edit
  4. Select which type of bookers you’re willing to accept bookings without a credit card from

Click Save

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