Changing your property description or room details

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The description on your property page is automatically generated based on the information you’ve provided in the extranet. When you make changes to your facilities, room details and location, or correct inaccurate information in the extranet, your description will update automatically as well.

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How the property description is generated

We use your facilities, location details and other items from your property information to auto-generate a property description containing the most relevant information for potential guests. This description appears under your photos on your property page.

We’re always working to optimise the property descriptions. We keep the descriptions relevant by adding new types of information to your description, such as including more facilities and services, adjusting the priorities as the needs of users evolve, and by improving the information on the location in the description.

Auto-generated content is highly effective at attracting potential guests, while using best practices to creating and updating the property description:

  • We’ve done extensive research for various segments of travellers to understand what they most want to read in a property description.
  • We use data about guest behaviour on our website to determine the length, style and structure of our descriptions. For example, we know guests spend less than 1 minute on average reading property descriptions, therefore our auto generated descriptions are short to cater to our guests who spend very little time reading descriptions.
  • We are focused on optimising for search engines, so the guests can faster discover your property when they search for accommodation. We don’t copy and paste or duplicate text, as this affects search engine optimisation (SEO) and may make your property harder to find online.
  • The content is always up to date, no need to contact us and wait for us to make the change.
  • Auto generated descriptions make sure that we can cover translations into more languages, these translations are available faster, and translations into many languages are ready immediately. We’re working on automating description generation in all our 45 languages in the foreseeable future.
  • We use a unified tone of voice and language across all descriptions to help users find the information they are looking for faster and choose the right property for their needs.

You can find out more about your property information in this article.

  • Since we use information you provide on the extranet, make sure your facilities, location details and rooms information are up to date. Ensure to add all facilities and amenities available at your property to give the most comprehensive description to your guests. Read more below on how to update those.
  • You can use the fine print section to add any other information about your property which guests must know before booking, and this information cannot be shared elsewhere on the property page. For legal reasons, we cannot include any mandatory costs, taxes, deposit information or (cancellation/payment) policies in the fine print.

Correcting information in your description

The goal of auto-generated property descriptions is to make sure they are easy for guests to find and understand, and it is always up to date as you make changes to your property rooms, facilities and location. 

We don’t change these auto-generated descriptions unless there’s a factual discrepancy. If there’s something incorrect related to the property type, facilities or location information you’ve provided, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on the Property tab and then click on View your descriptions
  3. For changes to your property description, click on Spotted a typo? Request a fix and describe the fix you need in the text field that appears below
  4. For changes to your room description(s), click on the Request a correction link below the room you’d like to update, then describe the fix you need in the text field that appears below
  5. Click Request a fix to send the message

Our Content team will revise your requested changes and advise on next steps.

Please note, it’s not possible for you to manually adjust the number of years mentioned in the autogenerated description “has been welcoming guests since."

Updating your facilities and services

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on the Property tab and then click Facilities & services
  3. Update the facilities and services available at your property
  4. Click Save to finalise

You can update your facilities and services on the go using Pulse. 

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Updating your room amenities

It’s important guests know what to expect when they arrive at your property. So, if the information on the amenities available at your property is not up to date, here’s how to change it:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Property and then click on Room amenities
  3. For each room amenity, tick or untick the box to show whether it applies to All rooms or just Some rooms. You’ll then be able to specify which rooms it applies to
  4. Click on Save when you’re finished

Updating your location and changing position on the map

Property location features in a property’s description, so it's important that the geographical location is correct. If your property’s location appears to be inaccurate, and you would like to change the geographical coordinates we display your property on the map on our platform, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Inbox and then click on messages
  3. Click on See contact options
  4. Choose Property details as the topic and Adjust your location on the map as the subtopic
  5. Click on Update map location
  6. In the map that opens, click and drag the red pin to where you want your property to show up on the map
  7. Click on Save new location and then click on Done

We’ll update the distances mentioned in your property information within 48 hours.

Keep in mind that your property’s location on the map needs to accurately reflect where it is actually located based on your address. If you move the red pin too far, we’ll suggest that you update your property’s address to make sure it’s correct. It also affects distances to local landmarks and places of interest, so it’s important that you enter accurate coordinates for your property.

If you need further assistance changing your property’s address, follow the instructions in this article.

Changing your property layout and room or unit details

You can change other details of your property, such as the property layout and room type based on maximum occupancy by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on the Property tab and then click on Property layout or Room details
  3. Click on Edit 
  4. Changed desired information such as room type, room name, location, bed options, occupancy and bathroom details
  5. Click Continue to finalise

You can edit room names to create custom names for personal reference on the extranet but only you can see your custom names there – travellers don’t see these on our platform. Find out how in this article.

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