How to update check-in services

Updated 9 months ago

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Highlights: The best guest experiences start even before reservations are made. Filling out your check-in services is a simple and free way to help your guests understand when and how they can arrive for their stay safely. Additionally, may display this information to potential guests on our website and app.

How do I let guests know what check-in services I offer at my property?

Filling out your check-in services is easy and fast. To do this, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Facilities & services page in the Property tab of your extranet.
  2. Go to the Check-in services section and select any check-in services you currently offer at your property.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Should you need to update this information at a later date, simply repeat the steps outlined above. will use the information you provide to find the best way to display your check-in services on our website and app.

Update your check-in services here

Note: We strongly encourage all our partners to regularly review, and if need be update, the check-in services they have added in the extranet. Not doing so can easily result in guests being dissatisfied due to unmet expectations, should the content of your listing be inaccurate.

Why are check-in services important?

There are many things that go into check-in services, for example - access to lockboxes, digital key access, and more. By letting guests that either browse through or book your property know which check-in services you offer, they will have accurate information and correct expectations. 

This becomes particularly important in terms of your health and safety measures around checking in. Highlighting these - particularly self check-in options - can further motivate travellers to book.

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