Optimising the traveller search experience to boost visibility

Updated 4 months ago | 1.3 min read time

Booking.com will now offer you more ways to be found by guests through an optimised search experience meant to capture, convince, and convert demand.

Why is this important?

Our optimised search features are meant to support our shared goal of rebuilding together with our partners by offering guests new opportunities to discover or rediscover destinations based on currently popular themes, such as nature, countryside, beach/seaside, and more.

How does this work?

We have launched an optimised search experience geared towards capturing, convincing, and converting demand from guests.

Guests will now be able to:

  • Specify the region or city that they want to visit.
  • Browse based on themes (rural, nature, beach, mountain, and more)
  • Use the new ‘Near me’ search functionality to find properties in nearby destinations

These new features – particularly the ‘Near me’ functionality – will give properties more visibility and raise their chances of attracting people looking to travel shorter distances. This can be especially beneficial for properties in destinations that are less frequented by tourists.


This optimised search experience is based on Booking.com algorithms that work and rely on property labelling. This is achieved by gathering guest endorsements and available property data. All Booking.com partners with a minimum of 20 guest reviews are automatically eligible and enrolled.

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