How do I change my main photo using Pulse?

Updated 1 month ago

You can easily change your main photo in the Pulse app. Just follow these steps:

Change your main photo on Pulse using Android

  1. Open your Pulse app and tap on ‘More’.
  2. Select a particular room or accommodation unit.
  3. Tap on ‘Property photos’, then on ‘Property gallery’. Your current main photo is shown first.
  4. You can add a new photo from your phone by tapping on ‘Add photo’ or select another photo by tapping on ‘Rearrange photos’.
  5. Drag the newly added or chosen photo to the front of the gallery to set it as your main photo.
  6. Make sure you tap the tick icon (‘’) to confirm your changes.

Note: If you’re using Pulse on iOS, we’re working hard to bring this feature to you very soon! Until then, you can change your main photo directly on the Extranet.

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