What are guest-generated photos?

Updated 3 months ago

Guest-generated photos are photos that we collect from genuine guests. The idea is to complement your property’s own photos and share the broader guest experience with other customers.

When guests fill in the guest review questionnaire, we give them the option of sharing photos of the property and destination they stayed in. The photos are shown along with the guest reviews, with a maximum of twenty property photos and twenty destination photos displayed.

All guest-generated photos are checked by our team before being published. We use special guidelines to ensure all images are family friendly, useful to customers, and respect individuals’ privacy.

Note: Destination photos are displayed in several places on the Booking.com website.

How long do guest-generated photos stay on my page?

Since guest-generated photos are shown alongside guest reviews, they’ll appear on our website for 24 months – the same period as the reviews themselves are displayed.

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