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How can I set up auto-replenishment of closed rooms?

Updated 1 month ago

NOTE: As a result of the unprecedented levels of disruption caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many of our accommodation partners have been forced to close temporarily, following official advice from the government. In order to ensure that our accommodation partners can remain compliant with regulatory guidelines in their respective countries, we have taken the decision to temporarily disable the ‘auto-replenishment on closed rooms’ feature. More information on this is provided below.

What is ‘auto-replenishment on closed rooms’?

Auto-replenishment on closed rooms is a default functionality that puts cancelled rooms back up for rent, even if the partner has removed availability for that particular date.

This normally helps our partners offer maximum availability without having to go into the system to update it manually, and also guarantees more visibility on

NOTE: As stated, this feature is temporarily disabled. We have done this to reduce the risk of non-compliance with local and regional laws for all our accommodation partners and ensure that we do not highlight any false availability.

NOTE: You can continue to manage your rooms and availability by following the normal procedures outlined in this article.

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