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We’re launching an improved version of our Genius free breakfast promotion in mid-December. This promotion can help you increase your visibility, reach more Genius Level 2 guests and drive more bookings. You’ll also benefit from prominent branding in search results on our platform. In this article you’ll find the information you need to know about the improvements we’ve made to this promotion.

Discover the new features now

Increased visibility in search results

Until now we’ve only applied your Genius free breakfast promotion to Genius rooms that have at least one room-only rate. You’ll now be able to offer free breakfast on both room-only rates and rates that include breakfast. This can make your property even more attractive to Genius Level 2 guests, who book more frequently and cancel less.

How the free breakfast promotion works with rates that include breakfast

To activate this promotion on rates that include breakfast, you’ll need to set a breakfast price if you haven’t already. We’ll deduct this price from your regular breakfast-included rate and show the discounted rate to Genius Level 2 guests.

For example, if the room rate is €132 for two people and your breakfast price is €10 per person, we’ll reduce the rate by €20 to €112.


How the free breakfast promotion works with room-only rates

If you only offer room-only rates or you offer room-only rates in combination with rates that include breakfast, your current setup will remain the same.  But we still recommend that you add a breakfast price, so that we can make sure your promotion stays visible if your room-only rate isn’t available.

Here’s how to add a breakfast price:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Property and then click on Facilities & services
  3. In the Meals section, select Yes if you haven’t already
  4. Tick the box next to Breakfast if you haven’t already
  5. Enter the price per person per day into the Price through field
  6. Click on Save

Note: adding a breakfast price won’t affect any free breakfast promotion you might already be offering on your room-only rates.

New performance dashboard

We’ve added a new, all-in-one dashboard with extra data to help you quickly see how well your free breakfast promotion is performing. The dashboard shows all your upcoming and completed bookings that include free breakfast as part of this promotion. You can also use the dashboard to easily edit and manage your free breakfast promotion setup.


New calendar feature

In order to give you even more control over your free breakfast promotion, we’ve introduced a new calendar feature. You can now use the calendar to choose dates when you want to turn your free breakfast promotion off, based on when it’s likely to be most effective for your property.



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