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Combining discounts from different rate plans and promotions

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To help you build a successful pricing strategy and maximise your occupancy, we offer a portfolio of different pricing products. These are:

  • Foundations – your rate plans and rate plan customisations
  • Proactive products – the Genius programme, Preferred Partner Programme, targeted rates and campaign deals
  • Reactive products – portfolio deals and deep deals

In some instances the discounts of pricing products combine, meaning that a customer can get both discounts combined. For more information on our pricing products and when to use them, take a look at our Pricing Solutions Portfolio.

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Combining discounts

We combine discounts so that we are able to fulfil our commitments to different audiences, thus guaranteeing them the best possible price and generating more bookings for partners like you. Because these audiences bring value to your business in different ways – for example, Genius customers are less likely to cancel – customers who trigger combined discounts can represent extra high value. Combined discounts can also deliver great results for conversion and occupancy.

The diagram below shows which pricing products can be combined, and should be read from top to bottom. Begin with your rate plan setup – which can be combined with all pricing products – and move down the diagram to see which pricing products can and cannot be combined. Please note that the campaigns shown in the diagram aren’t exhaustive; there are other campaigns that are launched throughout the year that aren’t shown here.

Base rate plans

If you offer a 10% Genius discount as well as a Mobile Rate, for example, the discounts could combine. But if you offer a campaign deal and a targeted rate, then potential guests would only get one of these discounts because they can’t be combined. These are the constraints for combining pricing products:

  • Products in the same category, such as Mobile Rates and Country Rates, can’t be combined
  • Within Genius you may combine different Genius sub-products. But as a pricing product in itself, Genius combines with other pricing products in the same way no matter what particular Genius offering you’ve set up. Check out this Solutions page for more information on the Genius programme and sub-products.
  • The Preferred programme is a pricing product, but it doesn’t trigger customer-facing promotions or discounts. Therefore it doesn’t combine with other pricing products to affect the final price shown to the customer. The Preferred commission is calculated based on the final price shown to the customer, which may be lower if they’re eligible for a discount.

Determining the final price with combined discounts

Combined discounts aren’t added up to create one larger discount, but rather applied in sequence. In the example below, the first discount of 10% is applied to the rate of €100 and then the second discount is applied to the new rate of €90. The final price is then €81. Our commission is then calculated using the final price shown to the customer.

Combining discounts

Audience overlap

Each of our pricing products is designed to target a unique audience. This means that even if you offer multiple products that have the potential to combine, not every customer will see every discount every time. Where they do see multiple discounts, we call this ‘audience overlap’. This is where discounts may be combined. In cases where a customer is in overlapping audiences with discounts that can’t be combined – for example, a deep deal and a targeted rate – then the customer will automatically fall into the audience offering them the highest discount. If the discounts are the same, the product that gets applied will depend on the customer’s search behaviour on our platform.

This is an example of how audience overlap might look:


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