Creating meal plan packages for ryokans

Updated 6 months ago

Ryokan accommodations on have the option of adding multiple meal plan packages in the extranet and attaching them directly to rate plans, providing guests with unique pricing and detailed food information.

These meal plans can contain pictures as well as details about serving times, serving areas and served dishes. 

With this solution, guests can now book with more confidence knowing the extent of their available options, and enjoy the different offerings from ryokans.

How can I set up a ryokan meal plan?

  1. Go to meal package page on the extranet.

  2. Create a meal or multiple meals on this page - you can choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should also add a descriptive meal title (for example Western breakfast buffet, Shabu Shabu beef dinner, and so on).

  3. Attach the created meal(s) to a meal plan package and give a descriptive name to your meal plan package (for example Shabu beef dinner package, Breakfast buffet package, and so on).

  4. Next, go to the rate plan page to attach your new meal plan package.

  5. Choose an existing rate plan and edit it to change the meal option to your new meal plan package - OR - create a new rate plan and attach your meal plan package.

  6. If you created a new rate plan - go to the calendar to give availability and pricing to your new meal plan.

Please note: 

  • It can take up to 1 hour for the new meal plan to show up on the guest-facing website.

  • This is currently only available for Japanese-language properties and guests.

Add your Ryokan meal plan here

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