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Creating meals packages for ryokans

Updated 2 weeks ago | 2 min read time

Ryokan properties have the option of adding multiple-meal packages in the extranet and attaching them directly to rate plans. These packages can contain pictures as well as details about serving times, serving areas and served dishes.

By giving guests a clear idea of the options available at a ryokan, as well as their unique pricing, meals packages make it easier for them to book with more confidence. This feature is currently only available for Japanese-language properties and guests.

Follow these steps to set up a ryokan meals package:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Property and then select Meals package
  3. Click Add a meals package
  4. Give the package a name and select which meals you’d like to include in it
  5. Click Preview and then Save to finalise
  6. To attach your new meals package to a rate plan, click Rates & Availability and then select Rate Plans
  7. Select the rate plan you’d like to attach your new meals package to, then click Edit
  8. Next to Meals click Edit
  9. Click Yes, detailed meals then select which meals package you want to attach to this rate plan
  10. Click Save to finalise

It can take up to an hour for the new meal plan to appear on your property listing.

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