Setting up Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday is a global annual shopping event that attracts millions of discount-seeking travellers to our platform. Black Friday Deals help you take advantage of this surge in demand by offering guests attractive discounts during a short booking window. This deal is part of our seasonal efforts to increase your property’s visibility. Last year, partners who activated a Black Friday Deal experienced a 38% increase in bookings.

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How Black Friday Deals work

We run Black Friday Deals as an annual global campaign around Black Friday. The booking window spans 16 November 2023 until 29 November 2023, giving you 14 days to capture demand. You can join by offering guests deep discounts on your room or unit rates for a limited time.

Due to their limited and deeply discounted nature, Black Friday Deals create excitement to book travel during this shopping period. But it also gives travellers a sense of flexibility and security thanks to its long stay window that runs from 16 November 2023 until 31 December 2024 inclusive.

We use a 'Black Friday Deal' badge to make your property stand out to potential bookers. You'll also receive marketing support to maximise your property’s exposure across various customer channels, such as email, banners, landing pages and our own platform. This deal does not stack with any other discounts.

Setting up Black Friday Deals

Follow these steps to set up Black Friday Deals:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Promotions
  3. Click Choose new promotion
  4. Next to Black Friday Deals, click Add promotion
  5. Check the details of the deal, then click Review your promotion
  6. Select Activate to finalise

Read this article if you’d like to learn more about setting up deals and promotions.

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