Setting up an Early Booker Rate Plan

Updated 8 months ago

A great way to secure revenue early, fill rooms faster and reduce the need for last-minute discounts is to set up an Early Booker Rate Plan. It can help you appeal to travellers who like to plan ahead.

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Understanding the Early Booker Rate Plan

Reservations made by guests more than 15 days before check-in are eligible for the Early Booker discount, which is one of the many customisations available for Rate Plans. These reservations are available at a discounted rate, which encourages travellers to book.

You can decide how many days before check-in a guest can take advantage of Early Booker discounts. You also choose how much discount you want to apply, and what your cancellation policy will be. To keep your offer compelling, we recommend making sure Early Booker is your cheapest available offer. 

Setting up an Early Booker Rate Plan

You can set up an Early Booker Rate Plan by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Rates & Availability and then select Rate plans
  3. Click Add new rate plan
  4. Choose Early Booker and then click on Add rate plan
  5. Set up the details of your Rate Plan and then click Review
  6. Click Activate rate plan


  • Early Booker is a Rate Plan customisation you can use alongside Weekly or Monthly Rates, Occupancy Based Pricing and child rates to appeal to different types of travellers. These customisations are most effective when they make up the foundation of your pricing strategy and are always available. 

    An Early Booker Deal is set up for a limited time and is only visible to potential guests during the period you specify. This deal is designed to be used strategically and offers higher discounts in order to help fix short-term occupancy challenges

  • We combine Early Booker Rate Plan in the same way as other customisations, meaning you can apply multiple Rate Plans, customisations and Deals at the same time.

  • A guest can book between 360 and 15 days before check-in to get an Early Booker discount. 

  • If you manage multiple properties, you can set up an Early Booker Rate Plan using the Bulk Editing tool in the extranet. Click on Early booker rate plan and follow the same steps outlined above.

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