Setting up Flash Deals

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Flash Deals are a type of promotion designed to encourage travellers to book discounted stays quickly and in the moment. They happen once every two weeks, on fixed days, for just 36 hours. During this time period, travellers can receive at least a 30% discount on selected rooms and rates at your property, and we extensively promote these deals on various marketing channels. Flash Deals are a great way to boost visibility and attract new demand in a short period of time.

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How Flash Deals work

  • Flash Deals run once every two weeks for only 36 hours.
  • You can set up a new Flash Deal for as many two-week periods as you want to, or you can save time by setting up multiple Flash Deals at once, for up to three months in total (six Flash Deals)
  • When you set up a Flash Deal, you need to offer a minimum discount of 30% in order to give travellers a compelling reason to book at short notice. You can choose which specific rooms and Rate Plans this discount applies to. Your Flash Deal discount won’t stack with any other promotions you offer on our platform, including Genius.
  • Potential guests will be able to book these discounted rates for stays at any time until 13 August 2022.

The benefits of Flash Deals

Because of their limited nature, Flash Deals create spontaneity and excitement to book. But because travellers can book to stay any time between July 2021 and 13 August 2022, this promotion still offers a degree of flexibility that’s especially important for travellers booking now. And this in turn helps you meet both immediate and future occupancy needs.

We focus on promoting this campaign heavily each month through various marketing channels, including social media, email and banners across our platform. That means that offering a Flash Deal can give you a fast and valuable surge in bookings, including from new guests.

Setting up Flash Deals

Follow these steps to set up Flash Deals:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click on Promotions
  3. Click on Choose new promotion
  4. Next to Flash Deal, click on Add promotion
  5. Set up the details of the Flash Deal and then click on Review your promotion

Click on Activate

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