Setting up a protected rate

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The protected rate is a pricing solution that offers deep discounts to limited audiences. It can help increase incremental bookings by targeting curated audiences with a discount – without changing your public rates.

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Who can see a protected rate?

Once you set up a protected rate, we’ll show it to specially selected audiences on certain platforms. Two examples of these audiences are:

  • Closed user groups – limited audiences on our platform or selected affiliate platforms, who are logged in via a membership or reservation number
  • Travellers booking package travel – audiences who are already committed to a package travel booking, and who only see your discount included in the final package price, rather than the specific amount

Your protected rate is never shown publicly on our platform, price comparison sites or meta search engines like Google. We regularly review which closed audiences your rate is shown to to ensure that it’s consistently serving your business needs.

To learn more about protected rate, take a look at this Solutions page.

Setting up a protected rate

The minimum discount you can offer with a protected rate is 30%. This discount will never be combined with other discounts or promotions available on our platform. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Promotions
  3. Click Choose new promotion
  4. Find protected rate under Deep deals and click Add promotion
  5. Choose which rate plans you’d like your protected rate to apply to by selecting either All rate plans or Select rate plans
  6. Enter the discount rate you want to offer
  7. If you wish, block up to 180 dates on which you don’t want your protected rate to be offered
  8. Click Review and then click Activate to finalise

You can monitor the performance of your protected rate at any time in the Promotions tab in the extranet.

Editing or deactivating protected rate

You can update your protected rate settings or deactivate them at any time. Here’s how to pause or edit your protected rate:

  1. Log in to the extranet
  2. Click Promotions
  3. Among your Active promotions find protected rate and click on it
  4. To edit your rate, click Edit, update the setup of your rate plan, click Review and then Activate
  5. To deactivate your protected rate, click Deactivate and then click it again to confirm

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